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Having been around since 2015, Norac Foods UK (NFUK) has become a major player in the UK food market. Thanks to the great efforts of our team, the support of our French Norac Foods group and our sister manufacturing companies, our organic growth has positioned us as a key partner in the baked continental morning goods sector, which also make for perfect snacks. We are not only a specialist of morning goods and breads in the ambient category, but have a strong offering of premium antipasti and dips in the chilled sector too.

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    How it all started

    Norac Foods UK is one of the subsidiaries of Norac Foods group (, a privately-owned French company, founded by Bruno Caron in 1989. Until 1994, Norac Foods was made of three main companies: Le Ster, the first company of the group (making mainly madeleines and jam filled cakes), La Boulangère (making brioches, croissants, baguettes and pains au chocolat) and crêperie Faure (famously making the first filled crêpes).

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    First steps to the UK

    Since early on in the history of Norac Foods, the UK has been a key destination. Bruno Caron started selling his famous ‘madeleines longues,’ or finger madeleines, to Tesco in the 80s whilst working at Le Ster as Sales Director. However, it took longer for the brioches and crêpes to cross the channel. 11 years after the creation of the group, the first filled crêpes and the first brioche rolls were introduced to the British market thanks to the efforts of a UK partner of the group at the time.

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    The UK venture

    The UK market has grown steadily since 2000, and competitors have been on the market since 2003. In 2014, considering the size of the market and the international focus of the Group, Norac Foods decided to set up its own trade, marketing, and logistics organisation in the UK.

    Norac Foods UK was set up to get closer to our UK customers and get a better understanding of the UK market, thus founding a key liaison with the Norac Foods companies manufacturing the goods for us.

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    Creation of Norac Foods UK

    Bruno de Bourmont was put in charge of this new adventure and Norac Foods UK was created officially in January 2015. A British Sales Director joined the company in February 2015. The NFUK team was beginning to take shape.

    NFUK invoiced its customers for the first time in September 2015. NFUK now counts 25 people as part of the team and has become a major supplier of retailers for continental morning goods.

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    Norac Foods UK culture

    NFUK management is about trust in its people and a pleasant working environment in order to maintain the highest level of enthusiasm in daily activities, as intense as they can be. NFUK has an informal professional management style, inviting everyone to express themselves, commit to producing the best results, stay unified through challenges, and share the success and joy of working together.

Company Timeline

  • 1980

    Bruno Caron becomes sales director for Le Ster biscuit factory.

  • 1985

    Bruno Caron takes over as general manager and gradually takes ownership of Le Ster.

    The first finger madeleines are exported to the UK.

  • 1992

    Norac Foods group is founded.

  • 2000

    The first export of brioche products and crêpes to the UK, via a partner.

  • 2014

    The first launch of the Soft French Baguettes (our iconic hybrid bread) in the UK under one of the group’s brand names.

  • 2015

    Creation of Norac Foods UK (NFUK).

  • 2016

    The launch of Whaoo! filled crêpes in the UK.

  • 2017

    The launch of La Boulangère UK branded products range.

  • 2018

    Introduction of EPICA tapenade to NFUK-branded products portfolio.

  • 2019

    The launch of La Boulangère Vegan range.

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Our Vision

Is linked to our mother company, Norac Foods’ vision: Sustainable growth alongside current food and nutrition trends and a profound respect for the environment.

Norac Foods Group is active in three major food and beverage retail markets (Europe, US and Brazil). With our numerous factories, 11 subsidiaries and close to 5700 employees, our goal has always been to grow, manufacture and distribute high quality affordable and honest products for everyone to enjoy.

Our French industrial partners of the group work tirelessly to improve their products according to three pillars: better taste experience, better nutrition and less environmental impact.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our customers & consumers the best quality products possible. We aim to bring innovation and great new products to the UK Market.

It is vitally important that we provide our customers the best service possible, from the highest skilled individuals possible. In order to do this, we must act with integrity and work intrinsically together in an environment where everyone is valued and lives the company values and culture.

Our Values

  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Commitment
  • Success
  • Accountability


Our wonderful team is key for NFUK. Highly committed and dynamic, the team members all have rich knowledge and experience of the UK market, yet a diversity which is the source of our creativity and openness to adaptability. At NFUK, we believe in local decisions and trust the professionals who experience the daily lifestyle and culture of the UK.


NFUK’s office is located in London, one of the most dynamic and opportunity-rich cities – a diverse setting that is constantly progressing.

World Map of our Sister Sites part of Norac Foods Group

Trading units
Trading units
Bread and baked goods
Production plant
Bread and baked goods
On the go
Production plant
On the go
Food service
Production plant
Food service


Agropôle, 47 310 Estillac, FRANCE


Z.A. de Bel air, 56 130 Marzan, FRANCE

Took Took

15 Rue Louis Armand, 29 600 Saint-Martin-des-Champs, FRANCE

Dessaint Crêpes

Zone Artipôle 2, Allée de Belgique, 62 128 Wancourt, FRANCE

Daunat Bretagne

ZI de Bellevue, 22 200 Saint-Agathon, FRANCE

Daunat Bourgogne

Z.I. des Fosses Blanches, Les Fossés Blanches, 71 100 Sevrey, FRANCE


1 Rue de l'Avenir, 91 350 Grigny, FRANCE

Lili's Brownies

Avenue des Tropiques, Les Ulis

Daunat Nord

Boulevard de l'Europe, 62 118 Monchy-le-Preux, FRANCE

Daunat Picardie

Zone du Champ du Roy Chambry, 3 Rue Emile Zola, 02 930 Laon, FRANCE


32 Rue Gustave Eiffel, 77 220 Gretz-Armainvilliers, FRANCE

Beaune Brioche

Route de Verdun, 21200 Beaune, FRANCE


67 Le Vieux Moulin, 76 890 Val-de-Saâne, FRANCE

Armor Délices

ZI de Bellevue, 22 200 Saint-Agathon, FRANCE


15 ZI de Keriel, 29 800 Plouédern, FRANCE

Le Ster

ZI du Pigeon Blanc, 56 500 Locminé, FRANCE

Gaillard Pâtissier

Rue Tristan Corbière, 56 500 Locminé, FRANCE

Ouest Boulangère

10 Rue Olivier de Serres, 85 500 Les Herbiers, FRANCE

La Viennoiserie Ligérienne

647 Rue Antoine Carême, 85 290 Mortagne sur Sèvre, FRANCE

Pain Concept

Avenue des Chênes, 85 210 Sainte-Hermine, FRANCE

Norac foods UK

144 Liverpool Road - N1 1LA London UNITED KINGDOM


Pascalstraße 14, D-52076 Aachen GERMANY

Norac Foods Spain

C/Cobre 82-83 28890 loeches Madrid SPAIN

Norac USA

2050 Coral Way, suite 601 Miami Florida 33 145 USA


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Norac do Brasil

Rua Lima Barros,49 – Jardim Paulista CEP 04503-030 - São Paulo, BRAZIL